Sloan's Pond, Mammoth Cave Forest, June 21st

Sloan's Pond @ Mammoth Cave Park
First Observation Deck.

This is a loop trail around Sloan's Pond.
It's a great way to view a pond ecosystem with many
trees, water plants, fungi, and a variety of animals.  
The entire trail is a man-made walkway, designed so that
everyone can enjoy the habitat.  

Entrance to Sloan's Pond. 

Click this photo to enlarge it and see the map. 

To the first Observation Deck. 

View from Deck. 

Travel around the pond in a counter-clockwise direction. 

View from the walkway toward the pond. 

You can see the 2nd Observation Deck ahead. 

Second Observation Deck. 

Click this photo to enlarge it and see the dragonfly close up. 

View from the second Observation Deck. 

Ferns and Clubmosses.  Both are vascular and seedless. 

A large frog seen from the trail. 

Take a break and enjoy the sights and sounds of the pond. 

Coral Fungus growing on a fallen tree. 

Wild Rose bush. 

Another bench to relax and listen. 

After about 45 minutes you will arrive back at the entrance. 

This is a relaxing, easy hike that I think everyone would enjoy.

From here you can either go back and follow the signs to the Visitors' Center, or
you can continue forward toward I-65;  just follow the signs and you will 
reach the interstate.