Cedar Sink Trail, Mammoth Cave NP, Feb 20th

Cedar Sink 
@ Mammoth Cave Forest

This trail is in the southernmost part of 
Mammoth Cave National Forest.   
Follow the trail to a deep crater, which is 
the remnants of a collapsed cave.  A great hike.

From Bowling Green, KY, take 31W north.  After about 20 minutes turn left onto KY422.  After about 5 minutes, there is a stop sign at a place called Pig, (KY259).  
Continue straight on 422 and you'll enter Mammoth Cave National Park 
after about 4 minutes.  After about 1 minute you'll see Cedar Sink trail on the right.

From I-65, take Exit 48 and turn left onto Ky 255.  
After a few minutes take a left onto Ky70, and continue on 70 and 
turn left after Joppa Church (422).  After a minute, Cedar Sink will be on your left. 

Entrance to MCNP from KY422.

February 20, 2011:  A beautiful day to go for a walk.  
This trail descends through mostly red cedar trees, 
until after about 20 minutes (1 mile) you reach "cedar sink," a collapsed cave.  

Click any picture to enlarge it.

A beautiful hike through the woods. 

Getting closer to the "sink." 
After walking for about 20 minutes you will reach a fork in the trail.
Turn left and you will go to the west entrance;
turn right and you will go the the south entrance.  It's your choice.  
On this day I chose to go the the south entrance, first.
Below is a photo of the observation area, which is just
before you descend into the sink. 
The south observation area. 

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The view from the observation area.  

Below is a photo of the south entrance.  
Follow the trail to the floor of the sink.  Once down there you can hike
around;  there are 5 main areas that you can observe.  All are interesting. 
The south entrance to the sink. 

The view from the bottom of the sink. 

The stairs to the west entrance can be seen in the photo below. 
The way out of the sink;  the west stairs.  

Click to enlarge. 

The view from midway up the west stairs looking north.  

Looking down into "the Sink"  from the top of the west entrance.

Video of the West entrance to Cedar Sink.

This is a great hike anytime of the year.  
Hope you get a chance to see this collapsed cave.
I think it's worth the hike.